The Pink Floyd are back at the V&A!

The best thing about the Victoria & Albert Museum is that their choices of exhibitions are always surprising. From Fashion, Photography, Architecture to Music icons, you never know what will be the next topic … And this unexpected Pink Floyd exhibition is definitely a must see in London for all nostalgic fans (and curious ones!) : you’ll be thrilled by its quality!

Music exhibitions in London

Since I have started this blog, I have noticed that there is much hype about the iconic musicians in London. I have already made reviews about the Jimi Hendrix Museum in Chelsea, the Rolling Stones exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery last year, and The Pink Floyd are now under the spotlights.
This is a new form of Art Shows, which are quite exciting as they analyse music groups in a more sensitive and deep way. And music legends are also part of our culture, especially those mentioned above, whose creativity in music and remarkable brand image management I admire.

The Pink Floyd, a band formed in London

Pink Floyd were founded in 1965 by students Syd Barrett on guitar and lead vocals, Nick Mason on drums, Roger Waters on bass and vocals, and Richard Wright on keyboards and vocals.
The group began to build its name (which derives from the given names of two blues musicians: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council) in London’s underground scene in the late 1960s.
Barrett had a great influence on the group, as we learn at the beginning of the exhibition. His lyrics and leadership helped create successful albums. Unfortunately, Barrett left the group in April 1968, because he suffered from deteriorating mental health. Then the group integrated new members and tried to remain a tight-knit group sharing the same vision and passion in music…

The Pink Floyd exhibition

The exhibition gives a chronological overview of the group’s albums, with focuses on some particular facts regarding the group members (some of whom happened to be architecture students, hence their creativity and attention to details on stage) or relevant events (like their live concert at Pompei in 1972 or even their inflatable flying pigs!).
I very much enjoyed this well-thought and well-designed exhibition: the many documents, videos, photographs, the staging and the audio experience give the sensation to live in the 1970s and to be part of the group’s life…
I had some songs in mind but the exhibition made me realize they had many more hits. I still had their music in my head hours after I left the museum. I was really captivated by their  unique music…
Rush to the V&A before the exhibition is over!

All images by Victoria&Albert Museum © “Pink Floyd: their mortal remains”.

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