A great lunch in an igloo!

For those in need of new experiences in London this winter, here is good news! Coppa Club has made the buzz in the last few months with a new offer: the restaurant has positioned 8 igloos on their thames-side terrace, where you can enjoy an amazing view over the Thames and a warm atmosphere in this grey and cold winter in the capital. See it for yourselves!

A great idea to cheer you up!

I had heard of the place right at the start of their offer and was so thrilled to receive the confirmation email from Coppa Club (even if I had to wait for more than a month for that!).  We went to Coppa Club on a grey day in London and couldn’t help but wonder what I could expect from these igloos. And it turned out to be magic!
All igloos are fully-heated and designed with comfy chairs (or sofas if you’re lucky!) and sheepskin blankets so that you can -almost- feel at home in these quite large bubbles.

An all-day restaurant with attentive staff

Coppa Club serves up the whole menu in the igloos and you can appreciate good food and drinks, without caring about the freezing outside!
We asked for hot chocolate, tea and croissants and lingered in our igloo for a couple of hours. The staff was very attentive and, quite unexpectedly, let us have our lunch with no particular concern over the time we had booked in the igloo. And that was awesome not to be stressed during our lunchtime, especially as the food  (salads, pastas and fish) was delicious!

Exceptional view on iconic buildings

Coppa Club Igloos offer a special view on the Shard and on Tower Bridge.
This is quite amazing to stay inside the igloos and still enjoy such a spectacular view! I just wonder how magic it can be at night with all the lights on …


The igloos are available for private hire (as well as walk-ins, but avoid peak hours). Some igloos were fitted with large round tables, which makes it possible to come as a group up to 8 people. The others have tables for 2 that can be gathered for groups of 4 people.
I am not sure wether it is still possible to book an igloo, but you can try to email them (towerbridge@coppaclub.co.uk) or visit their website. If you don’t succeed in booking an igloo, you can still enjoy the  Coppa Club comfy interiors …
If you have been into these igloos and want to comment on this experience, please feel free to do it on this blog!

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