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The complete guide to Regent’s Park

Whatever the season, London always has something beautiful to offer. This is particularly true if you like to explore London’s Royal Parks. After presenting you St James’s Park and Holland Park previously on this blog, let me introduce you to Regent’s Park in today’s post (maybe the most royal of all parks :-))…

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A beautiful day out in Greys Court!

Lots of outdoor places are now reopening, giving us the opportunity to sometimes travel in time and explore a Tudor house or stroll in some beautiful gardens … The National Trust estate Greys Court offers such a historic and pleasant visit. Not far from London, it is an ideal destination for the summer! Stay safe!

All aboard The Golden Hinde!

At a time when we are asked to stay at our home, I want to offer you the occasion to learn about Sir Francis Drake and his famous ship The Golden Hinde, and embark on a sea journey! As soon as London will be safe again, you will be able to explore it for real … Take care everyone!