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Chinese New Year in London!

The Chinese New Year celebrations will start tomorrow in London Chinatown. The opportunity to get to know this part of London better and be part of a special event in the Chinese community of London. Read on to explore Chinatown’s secrets!

London Christmas spirit

I can’t believe we are already in the early days of 2017… I am still remembering all the great moments we had in December, enjoying a great Christmas Spirit in London. This city is an amazing place where you can’t help but be touched by Christmas as all venues in London do create a wonderful Christmassy atmosphere… Before wishing you an happy new year, let’s see what makes London so special in December.

10 good reasons to wander in Marylebone

I love this part of London. This is smack in the middle of the city, but as soon as you have left the main streets you can enjoy a peaceful area, almost forgetting you are in a crowded and noisy capital… And Marylebone has much to offer: whether you are a busy worker, a curious tourist, a careful mother coming to a doctor’s appointment (Harley Street counts many doctors specialists), or a local in love with his neighbourhood, you’ll find plenty of interests in Marylebone!