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As I was planning a casual lunch with my two kids for a special occasion, I stumbled upon Cocotte’s website. It turned out to be a delightful surprise: delicious food served in a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and convenient locations (I discovered there are several Cocotte restaurants across London). It was exactly what we needed to recharge!

Today, join DOYOUSPEAKLONDON on a culinary journey you’re sure to love!

Cocotte: unique casual dining experience to food lovers 

Cocotte was created by Romain Bourrillon in 2016, to share his vision of “sharing comforting, homemade meals in a warm and genuine ambiance”. The idea of having an authentic cooking and using only the finest ingredients led him to launch Cocotte.

By the way, Cocotte in French can mean two things: an affectionate nickname, akin to honey, and a nod to the term for a hen. That’s why you’ll find a few decorative hens inside the restaurant.

Cocotte: ultimate roasted chicken experience in London

Two of us opted for the cheeky lunch, comprising chicken (with a choice of quarter chicken, picked chicken, or vegan popcorn chicken), two sides or salads, and two classic sauces. The meals arrived promptly, and we couldn’t wait to dig in when they were served on their wooden boards!

Between all of us, we tried every style of potato preparation available: mash, fries, baby roast potatoes. Each was exceptionally tasty, cooked perfectly and served in just the right portion. The chicken was absolutely divine, perfectly grilled and very tender. My salad was a great combination with perfectly crunchy, flavourful nuts that were a delightful addition.

My daughter chose the crispy chicken burger and loved it! Apart from the yummy chicken, the brioche bun and the fries came down as a treat…

The secret behind Cocotte’s exquisite food

At Cocotte, everything is homemade as a commitment to bring comfort and authenticity in dining. This was especially evident in their homemade sauces, the green sauce was particularly impressive! They also offer secret sauces that we’re eager to try on our next visit!

At Cocotte, they’re all about using the freshest ingredients sourced from local producers, The idea is to support the growth and sustainability of local businesses. These values are important to uphold and encourage, and it’s another reason why I’d recommend stopping by for lunch or dinner at Cocotte!

Cocotte five locations in London

You can find Cocotte in Notting Hill, South Kensington, Parson’s Green (where we visited), Queens Park, and Shoreditch. They’re also planning to open soon in Richmond. It’s so convenient to have all these locations! I am already considering my next choice to go out with friends … Aren’t you already tempted? Let me add that, given we’re in London, Cocotte is not only delightful but also affordable – a perfect choice for dining out!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering Cocotte. If you’re heading there for lunch or dinner soon, I’d love to hear all about your experience on DOYOUSPEAKLONDON!

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Cocotte Parson’s Green: 271 New Kings Road, SW6 4RD

Cocotte website

Online booking available


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