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Sakurado: Japanese delicacies in Soho

Sakurado means “House of Sakura”, the Japanese cherry blossom. Quite a poetic introduction to this amazing Japanese Patisserie in the heart of Soho, already renowned for its signature “Mille Crepes”. If you’re craving something quite different during this lockdown, read on to learn more about this place!

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MyHappyPlaceBox: virtual travels for true happiness!

MyHappyPlaceBox was created in 2018 as a guide for women to find balance and happiness in their life. The concept is based on boxes filled with objects and information about a dream destination, exploring new cultures and rituals in a positive way to make us happy. So far, over 20 destinations have been released and have become the perfect and original gifts for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding or simply as a gift to a dinner host. Intrigued? Read on to know more!