Chelsea in Bloom: London’s prestigious floral art show returns!

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I’ve known about this prestigious event for years, though I missed a few shows in recent times. This week, I was thrilled to visit Chelsea, eagerly exploring the streets in search of floral decorations that are both sublime and inventive.

Today, DOYOUSPEAKLONDON invites you to immerse yourself in London’s most beloved outdoor floral extravaganza – all for free!

Chelsea in bloom, London’s annual floral art show

Chelsea in Bloom is London’s biggest free outdoor flower festival. From May 20-26, the streets of Chelsea will be transformed with stunning fresh flower displays.

Each year, this event dazzles with a new theme, making it a must-see celebration of floral artistry, with brands rivalling in creativity. 

Organised by Cadogan in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), this annual competition continues to expand each year.

Many restaurants, shops, and hotels are dedicated to offering the best adornments for their window displays. 

I am in awe of the hard work poured into this one-week festival. Creating these displays is clearly very competitive and demanding, yet the brands always manage to surprise us with their incredible creations!

The 2024 Chelsea in bloom theme


The theme for 2024 is ‘Floral Feasts‘, a celebration of two of Chelsea’s most renowned features: its botanical heritage and exquisite cuisine.

I was truly impressed by all these dishes made of colourful flowers; it’s a remarkably creative fusion of botanical tradition and culinary excellence.

This year’s event was exceptionally successful, especially with the beautiful weather on Monday setting the tone for a fantastic start. However, the downside was the large crowds in the streets and the queues forming in front of each floral display, making it a bit challenging to capture the creations!

Some brands, such as Cartier, put forth tremendous effort, resulting in absolutely stunning floral displays. The butler at the entrance was inundated with requests for selfies, much to the delight of the many tourists visiting!

Top spots to explore during Chelsea in Bloom

The Duke of York Square is a must-visit spot, offering an array of amazing displays to admire…

Strolling down Kings Road is also a real treat, as you will find iconic brands and restaurants decked out in stunning floral displays…

Having a crowd gathered in front of each floral display sometimes provided me with beautiful models to photograph as well!

Some displays had a special charm that appealed to the youngest wanderers, also reaching out to the inner child within all of us…

Last but not least, don’t miss out on Pavilion Road – a quaint spot filled with fabulous food and fashion finds. I adore the atmosphere of this hidden gem, where the vibrant energy and serene ambiance transport me far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chelsea in bloom 2024 map

All brands, shops and hotels participating in the 2024 edition of the Chelsea in Bloom festival are reported in the map you can find with the link below. It will help you organise your journey through Chelsea area.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it inspiring! If you’re planning to discover CHELSEA IN BLOOM soon, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Share them on the DOYOUSPEAKLONDON blog!

To go further:

Chelsea in bloom 2024

Download a pdf of the map by clicking here

Dates: 20-26 MAY 2024

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) website


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    This event illustrates all the English charm: their passion for flowers but also their extravagance and their humor!

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