Roka, the award winning Japanese restaurant

We are fond of Japanese food. Very much. This lead us to try the Roka restaurant. Roka is Zuma’s younger sibling (for those who know this reputed restaurant in Knightsbridge) and counts 4 locations in London. We went to the Charlotte Street restaurant, as we were intrigued by their lounge, the Shochu Lounge, where the ceiling is full of flowers. And the great food we ate there was all we were looking for to celebrate the start of summer…

Healthy lunch in an oasis near London!

A few weeks ago, I discovered an awesome restaurant that would adapt to any circumstances: wether you come with family, friends, even business colleagues…you definitely will enjoy your time at The Petersham Nurseries !
The venue is located in Richmond and offers a tea room, a glasshouse restaurant and a shop with plenty of plants and antiques. This is a genuine oasis of greenery, away from the bustle of London. Just thinking about it makes me drool with envy…I must come back!