Banksy’s greatest hits are exhibited in London!

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That is an event I could not miss. A large selection of works from Banksy’s collection is currently showcased at the Lazing gallery in Mayfair (until 25 August). I can’t remember when I first saw Banksy’s street artwork, but I remember I was stunned by his courage to express himself on several taboo subjects with such talent, while using an art form that is not allowed, the street art. His art is considered subversive. But it is art and it remains in memory. Put this exhibition in your diary, especially if you want to buy a piece of art … !

His name is Banksy

Banksy is the pseudonym of an artist known for his urban art (or street art) who’s also as a painter and director.
Banksy Doyouspeaklondon lifestyle blogYounger, he was part of a group of graffiti artists, Bristol’s DryBreadZ Crew (DBZ). He was influenced by the Bristol underground scene and his relationship between artists and musicians (this city having given birth to the trip hop movement). This is where Banksy made his first works.

Banksy combines the techniques of Warhol and the work in situ to convey his messages.
I admire this ability to appeal to the spectator by mixing irony, contestation, humour, poetry sometimes in his art.
Banksy Doyouspeaklondon lifestyle blogBanksy uses stencils for most of his paintings. In his book “Wall and Piece”, Banksy explains this choice: he worked slowly during his debut, and he was often caught red-handed. Stencils make it possible for him to work much more quickly on the premises, because some of the work can be prepared.
Banksy Doyouspeaklondon lifestyle blogI even like the way Banksy signs his artwork: on the edge of the frame. As if his name had to be hidden from the art. As if the art had to be taken separately, to be more significant.

Lazinc Gallery

Banksy Doyouspeaklondon lifestyle blogI had not heard of the Lazinc Gallery before this exhibition. It belongs to Steve Lazarides, who is known to have launched Banksy’s career. Lazinc opened at the beginning of 2018 as a London flagship.
Banksy Doyouspeaklondon lifestyle blogLocated in Mayfair near Piccadilly Circus, on Sackville street, it makes it easy to pop in while in central London.
Banksy Doyouspeaklondon lifestyle blogLazinc Gallery is known for promoting artists that are “thriving outside of the conventional contemporary art market”. No wonder Banksy deserves his place among these artists …
Banksy Doyouspeaklondon lifestyle blogI like this new version of the Van Gogh “Tournesols”, where past and present are confronted like a dialog between artists … If you are interested in discovering Banksy’s messages behind his work, here is a website who describes some of them.
Banksy Doyouspeaklondon lifestyle blogBanksy is not only a street artist, he also appeared to act in museums and zoos. He will never cease to amaze us!

If you go and visit this exhibition, feel free to share your thoughts on this blog!

To go further:
Lazinc Gallery: 29 Sackville St, Mayfair, London W1S 3DX

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  1. myriam says:
    Une très , très intéressante découverte . J’aime particulièrement la pertinence des messages et les détournements des chefs d’œuvre des grands artistes ( Velázquez , Van Gogh ,..) . Un grand merci à DYSL .

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