The Fitzrovia Chapel is featuring photographs of David Bowie!

Hey there, dear Bowie fans and architectural enthusiasts! The Fitzrovia Chapel is currently hosting a great exhibition featuring the iconic photographs of the legendary David Bowie. I got there thanks to a friend and I was stunned by the venue as well as I was moved by the photographs…
This exhibition is unfortunately ending on the 20th of March, so don’t miss your chance to see it. Whether you’re eager to discover a hidden architectural treasure in the heart of London, or just seeking a good ol’ dose of rock ‘n’ roll magic, this exhibition has something for everyone!

Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie Photographs
Black and White triptych by Kevin Davies

Fitzrovia Chapel, a hidden treasure in the heart of London

Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
The Fitzrovia Chapel

The Fitzrovia Chapel was originally built in the late 19th century as part of the Middlesex Hospital, giving the staff the unique access to this incredible venue.

Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
This architectural gem boasts stunning Art Nouveau design elements and a tranquil atmosphere that beckons visitors to pause and reflect…

After the hospital was closed in 2005, the chapel was saved from demolition thanks to its Grade II listed status. It reopened in 2015 as a charity offering a gorgeous space for all occasions from featuring awesome photographs and exhibitions to hosting intimate weddings and concerts!

Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
Beautiful details on the stained glass windows

The Fitzrovia Chapel is nestled in the heart of London’s vibrant Fitzrovia district, a stone’s throw away from the bustling streets of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. While wandering around Fitzrovia area, you’ll be surprised to stumble upon this architectural treasure from the past, standing in the middle of new buildings. London’s captivating ability to seamlessly blend old and new architecture has always fascinated me.

Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
Far from being overshadowed by its modern surroundings, the Fitzrovia Chapel the chapel proudly imposes its history and beauty.

David Bowie, “A London Day” by Kevin Davies

Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
Exhibition of photographs by Kevin Davies

Big scoop: all photographs presented here have never been shown before!

Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
Special exhibition with unique unseen photographs of David Bowie

Indeed, the photographer Kevin Davies captured David Bowie on a single day (13th December 1992) while the singer was preparing for the release of his 18th studio album Black Tie White Noise.
Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
But Kevin Davies never used the photographs afterwards (God knows why… ?). Until he unboxed a collection of 450 images plus a series shot late in the day in 2020…
Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs Fitzrovia Chapel David Bowie photographs
This exhibition features 20 photographs from across the day, either as single images or diptychs / triptychs as you can see. It is built around a number of Bowie’s own selection.

I personally love the black and white photographs, which bring out the elegance and presence of this artist. But the coloured ones definitely stress the uniqueness of Bowie’s eyes, as if Bowie’s face contained 2 opposite sides…

Madeleine Boomgaarden, Director of The Fitzrovia Chapel said

“These quietly observed and very beautiful images of Bowie sit perfectly in the calm elegance of the chapel. We’re delighted to host images of this London icon in the heart of the city he grew up in.”

Cherry on the cake: these photos are all on sale! Who’s gonna get a memorable portrait of the star?

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Fitzrovia Chapel:
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Fitzrovia Chapel website

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