Have you ever tasted a “Cronut”??

A friend of mine told me she knew a place to eat amazing pastries, including one “real new”. As I am always curious to discover innovative creations, I could not resist getting there. The “Cronut” is undoubtedly something I will remember! Today, DOYOUSPEAKLONDON invits you to discover Dominique Ansel Bakery in Belgravia, one of the most creative Tearooms in London….

An outstanding pastry Chef in Belgravia

“Dominique Ansel is dedicated to finding new ways to surprise, delight, and inspire through his desserts”. This talented Chef has received many distinctions in the US and in France for his culinary inventions. After opening bakeries in New York and Tokyo, Dominique Ansel recently settled in London, where he intends to “bring a sense of wit, humor, and old-school charm to pastry and Afternoon Tea”.
The London bakery has adopted bright colours with yellow and orange tones. There is a veranda and a tea room, where the neighbours, tourists, or simply curious people are coming to enjoy some creative desserts.

The Cronut

So, what’s a “Cronut” ? A hybrid pastry between the Croissant and the Doughnut. It is said that it took 3 months to Dominique Ansel to optimize the recipe. Surprisingly, I quite liked it. I had the feeling to eat a doughnut with the texture of a croissant…which makes a huge difference in the sensations! The additional flavor (glazing) at the top of the Cronut changes every month (in our case: lemon, this month it is a Rhubarb flavor) and gives an appreciated fruity touch. Besides, the Cronut is filled with cream to make this whole pastry more intense and savory. You better have to be hungry before ordering it…

The Cronut is so successful that you can even preorder it online!

Funny pastries

I like the many pastries of the Bakery, with their different artistic look and funny names. Our preference goes for the “Chilly Religieuse”… because it speaks to our inner child, obviously! You will be spoilt for choices in the Dominique Ansel Bakery and no wonder everyone will find something to please…
We also ordered the Bakery’s hot chocolate, which was very good in taste (strong black chocolate flavors), but deceptive in aspect as the chocolate had no creamy design on the top (we missed the poetic touch Dominique Ansel puts in all his creations … ).
The Dominique Ansel Bakery offers many other famous specialities, such as the “Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot” served with a cold-infused Tahitian vanilla milk, the “DKA” (“Dominique’s Kouign Amann”), or even his delicious macarons (another try we could not resist!).
Dominique Ansel is internationally renowned for his inventive pastries and paying a visit to his bakery is definitely worth it (but you  may fall for all his desserts!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found inspiration here. If you are planning to visit Dominique Ansel Bakery soon, please share your experience and opinion on DOYOUSPEAKLONDON’s blog!

To find out more:
Dominique Ansel Bakery: 17-21 Elizabeth Street  London SW1W 9RP
Bakery’s website.
And a page to delight every gourmand: the Cronut recipe (yes, really)!

12 thoughts on “Have you ever tasted a “Cronut”??

  1. Nathalie says:

    I loved his cronut but I liked his mousse cake (“after the rain” entremets) even better. And I have changed the recipe I use to make madeleines since I have been

  2. elialand says:

    What a nice bakery! and how funny and sweet look the pastries ! you always find nice places to share with us! I’m trying the recipe …and I’ll soon tell you about it : yumi!

  3. Tim says:

    Nice teasing. I’m sad I won’t be able to go this weekend for a tea and a pastry. I’ll have to be patient and wait for next weekend.

  4. elialand says:

    Hi !…I tried !…..well, ganache is ok, but for the doughnut, the experience let me quite disapointed!! As far as I am concerned : better go to Dominique Ansel bakery and buy a Cronut “made in London” !

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