My top list of books for this summer

This comes as the best part of my packing for this summer: which books will I take with me to linger in a sun lounge? Hard to define first, as I like both romantic novels, historical biographies and gripping stories, and the choice is quite large on the bookshelves… But according to some editors, bookshops or reviews magazines, I have made my choice of some promising summer books, which I’ll share with you on this post.

Recommendations from famous bookstores:


I am very fond of Waterstones. This may be the first bookshop I went to when arriving in London, and it cast a spell on me. Every location is enjoyable, the staff welcoming and helpful, the books well-displayed either on the bookshelves or in several themed sections. This is definitely the place I go to when looking for a book to offer to a friend or children. Thus, Waterstones had to be the prior bookshop to be presented in this section. And many books are highlighted for this summer…Let’s present some of them (my favorite ones for this summer).

I feel attracted by this book firstly because of its eye-catching colour, but also because the author has been shortlisted for the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for fiction 2016, which was supposed to be a good point in my search for a good book. Then I saw the topic of the book, combining art and European History, and I really wanted to give it a go: the book is on my list! Review here.

John Le Carre does not need to be presented. His novels always keeps the reader transfixed (at least, me!). This year, there has been a new edition of his book “The night manager”, following the new major BBC series starring Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston. Now I can’t resist to add it to my list!

 Daunt Books

For those travelling or wishing to travel through books, there is a specific bookshop to go to in London: “Daunt Books”. I discovered this place while wandering in Marylebone, and found the place awesome. The books are sold in an old building with “long oak galleries and graceful skylights”. I like this kind of atmosphere when it comes to reading…

The Daunt Books’ “Top reading list” section counts many London fiction novels. I have selected this one from Norman Collins

I don’t know yet this British author, but this book appears to be a classic and I really feel like discovering it. Review here.

Another reference belonging to the Asian readings :

I have received this book as a present and did not find the time to read it yet…which I hope will be done this summer! In this book, the author Jung Chang “vividly describes how Empress Dowager Cixi brought a medieval empire into the modern age”. I like biographies and I expect this one to be quite captivating…Review here.


This store located in Covent Garden is great to visit. Stanfords is the “world’s premier travel and map bookshop”. The basement offers a collection of globes to see and a giant map of London covers the floor.

There is a Coffee House inside the London Store, which makes the place even more welcoming.

In the “Travel Litterature” section, I have selected 2 references.


First, Katharine Norbury. She has been long-listed for the Guardian First Book Award with her book “The Fish Ladder”. I have had many occasions to see it being promoted, therefore it comes naturally on my list. See more on this review from the Guardian.

Then, this book “Wild” which has been adapted for the cinema. For the lessons of life given in this personal journey, where the main character is in search of herself… I guess this book must be moving, thus worth reading. The review here.

Recommendations from leading writers

Now let’s refer to the list of books the Guardian gathered from the main current writers. Most of the books recommended in this list seem to be linked to humankind, depicting teenagers, women, men in their society and living with their weaknesses or differences. Anyone should find at least a book to explore… I am personally tempted by these ones:

This book written by David Szalay presents several characters from different ages and each of them is far from home, somewhere in Europe. The books questions life and makes you travel throughout Europe, which I feel interested in. Review here.

Another book I would be delighted to read is from the french author Marie NDiaye, “Ladivine”. This story deals with the difficulty to accept one’s past and legacy. Review here.

I would choose this one from Sarah Perry for the historical setting: the story takes place in Victorian England, stressing on woman’s roles in society. Review here.

Amazon’s best sellers

Last but not least, Amazon offers a large choice of books and their best-selling references guide you in your own selection. Here are the most successful books of 2016.

This author is mainly famous for his previous book “Me Before You”, which has been adapted for the cinema. This sequel to “Me Before You” seems to follow the same success story. See the author’s website to know more about her other novels.

A psychological drama said to be number 1 ebook bestseller. A full website presents the author and her recent novel.


This book is presented as the “Runaway Sunday Times number 1 bestseller and thriller of the year”. Quite tempting, isn’t it? Review here.
I hope this selection will allow you to spend amazing holidays. Feel free to share your views on these various books on the blog!

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