London in 2018 !

Happy New Year everyone !
I hope 2018 is off to a good start for you all. May this new year bring all the joy and wonder in London especially, with amazing cultural events, memorable food discoveries and beautiful walks in the London Parks, that I will review on this blog. Let’s present  some of London’s 2018 highlights…

London Fireworks

This is the first celebration of the new year: the London new year’s eve fireworks have long been awaited by most of Londoners and proved to be worth the waiting. Big Ben reasoning at midnight before the show added some magic to the event (as the Great Bell’s world famous striking and chiming is paused until the end of its restoration works in 2021).

London’s parade

Did you join the 500 000 spectators who attended the Parade in Central London? I did not. But found great pictures of it, which describe the diversity and originality in the choice of performers and costumes…

2018 highlights

I love London as it offers many opportunities to enjoy culture, (especially Art, which is of course my cup of tea!), nature and food. This new year will bring many exciting events I will see and review for you.
Just to present some of the most awaited exhibitions of 2018: the Picasso “1932 Love Fame Tragedy” exhibition at The Tate Modern; the Courtauld Gallery is also showcasing a great collection of Soutine’s Portraits; The Photographer’s gallery is presenting Wim Wenders’ Polaroids until 11 February… but that’s just a small selection of the exciting forthcoming events.

Besides, some Parks will reveal beautiful surprises like the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, where the Temperate House will reopen in May.
Regarding food, I have found a list of amazing new restaurants opening in 2018 and … I can’t wait to taste some of them! Especially Dishoom Kensington as I already mentioned on my blog how much this Indian branches are combining food and atmosphere to perfection. Yummy!

Now I can only wish you a wonderful year made of curiosity, discoveries, treats and joys… Keep posted on what’s going on in London by following my blog! This could be a new resolution you won’t regret…

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6 thoughts on “London in 2018 !

  1. O LORAIN BROCA says:

    L’ Année nouvelle démarre sur les chapeaux de roues!!
    Pour parodier Montand et ses ” Grands Boulevards “, on pourrait créer une chanson:
    ” J’ aime flâner dans les rues de Londres,
    Y’ a tant de choses , tant de choses , tant de choses à voir,
    On n’ a qu’ à en suivre une au hasard,
    On tombe sur un pub, un square ou un musée bizarre,
    J’ aime les boutiques et les bazards,
    les p’tits marchés pleins de couleurs et de marchands bavards,

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