Sakurado: Japanese delicacies in Soho

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Given the context, everything that brings joy in our lives is very welcome. Especially food. Great food. Uplifting food.
Whether you started hanging out in the kitchen cooking and baking frenetically as if this new hobby was nourishing both body and soul (which is about right, right?) or prefer to explore new places offering food fitting your tastes, food is in everyone’s mind at the moment!
If you’re into the second option, I have the PERFECT address (considering you like scrumptious desserts) to cheer you up!
Today, DOYOUSPEAKLONDON presents you SAKURADO, a Japanese cake boutique in Soho (if you’re not in the area, don’t worry: they deliver too).
Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog

SAKURADO, bespoke Japanese patisserie in Soho

Those of you following me know how much I LOVE Japanese food (both in savory and sweet cooking). I have in particular introduced you to Minamoto Kitchoan some time ago which I quite fancy when it comes to Japanese traditional desserts.

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogThis time, delicacies are a bit different. SAKURADO offers original signatures including the premium Franco-Japanese “mille crêpes”, a handmade cake “using traditional French methods and inspired by iconic Japanese flavours”.

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog
I chose the exotic mango flavour to taste the famous “Mille Feuilles”

In other words, the “mille crepes cake” is “made with twenty or more delicate pancakes layered with silky patissiere cream and gently caramalised” and comes in various flavours. Don’t be afraid by its heavy size: the fruity and smooth taste will dominate and you’ll definitely succumb to it (especially if you are a big fan of pancakes!)!
Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogI discovered the boutique by chance during a walk in Soho just before my birthday. That was the perfect excuse to pop in and select a few desserts to celebrate (unfortunately I couldn’t take them all!!).
Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog

Premium selection of cakes

Everyone should find something to suit them as the range of cakes is quite large and definitely mouth-watering!

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogFrom the unexpected French inspired “canelés” (with Asian flavours like matcha or black sesame charcoal) to the (big) celebration cakes and the Japanese cheesecakes (something quite different from the one you know, as these have a renowned wobbly texture).
Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogI like Sakurado’s different variations of cakes using the much-loved East Asian flavour of Matcha.

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog
This small tart was just too tempting…

I opted for the matcha tart, which was absolutely divine. I am used to adding matcha to certain pastries and usually think it does not taste much (and often ruins the dessert I was hoping would make its effect, tbh). After tasting this tart, I just had to admit I might not cook it properly!

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog
Look at this matcha tiramisu…such a treat!

Another exquisite dessert with matcha: the “matcha tiramisu”! Really interesting: quite creamy and not as intense as the original version of it, but tasty and beautifully presented as you can see…

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogThere are so many other patries to taste, I can only advise you to browse Sakurado’s website or (even better … but dangerous as you might nor be able to resist) pop into their shop in Soho and choose whatever you fancy the most…

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog
All packagings are elegant and opening each one of them gives the pleasant sensation to open a box of treasures …

Sakurado restaurant in Kensington

I did not know about the restaurant before coming across the Patisserie in Soho. On their website I learnt that Sakurado means “House of Sakura”, the Japanese cherry blossom. That’s enough to peak my interest and make me wonder what the interior design of the restaurant looks like…:-)
Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogAnyway, there you will be served everything available on the boutique’s menu, as well as traditional Japanese teas, Kenko (healthy) salads, Genki (healthy) drinks and Sake.

Sakurado during lockdown

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogThe restaurant is obviously closed but the “cake boutique” is open everyday from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm.
Also you can order online and get deliveries in London and nationwide (more information on their website).

Sakurado Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found inspiration here. If you are planning to visit Sakurado soon, please share your experience and opinion on DOYOUSPEAKLONDON’s blog!

To go further:
Sakurado Bespoke Patisserie: 66 Shaftesbury Ave, W1D 6LX
Sakurado restaurant: 14 Gloucester Road, Kensington, SW7 4RB

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    hi DYSL ! heureux de vous retrouver et merci de faire traverser le Channel aux parfums et saveurs de ces merveilleux gâteaux japonais ; le matcha j’adore ! quelle jolie boutique et le packaging..subtilement sweet, sweet! à bientôt !

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