SoChoux: stunning macarons & French pastries in London!

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If you are big fans of macarons and french pastries, this article is  made for you. If you don’t usually like those sweet desserts, or just haven’t tasted them so far, read through this post because you might after all become an addict!
Recently I met Sophie, the founder of SoChoux, which means “so cute” in French and refers to the “Choux”, the French small puff pastries. I spent a lovely afternoon with her explaining the creation and growth of her bakery, and me tasting her delightful creations … Awesome!
Today, DOYOUSPEAKLONDON invits you to devour (with your eyes, first!) SoChoux’s pastries!
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog Doyouspeaklondon

A fine bakery

When Sophie arrived in London, she started learning everything about the macarons as they were her children’s favorite treats and at the time quite a rare find in the capital (at least the best quality ones).
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonShe also needed a change in her career and this new passion was a kick off for a new adventure that would end up in creating her brand, SoChoux, in 2013.
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog Doyouspeaklondon
She trained with experts at Atelier des Chefs and at Michalak Ecole de Cuisine in Paris, because her goal was to create the “most delicious handmade macarons and choux pastries in London”.
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonNow she has a workshop in Fulham, where clients can collect their macarons and pastries (there is no sitting room, it’s just a collection point, all orders are made by phone or online). She has also enlarged her team but does not intend to grow too much in order to keep focusing on the quality of her handmade products and to offer tailor-made creations for some clients if needed.

Outstanding pastries

SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonSoChoux creates macarons and choux of course, and also a few seasonal cakes (like Galette des Rois or Bûches), as well as famous French cakes (Paris-Brest, Opera …).
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonSophie is also always open to new suggestions, depending on her ability to create specific orders (I asked for a “gâteau basque” and apparently her Pastry Chef could do one for me … I have to come back to you soon Sophie!).
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonSpeaking of specialities, I have to speak about the incredibly tasty and fresh marshmallow (known in France as “guimauve”) I had the opportunity of savoring at SoChoux. Very fresh indeed and made with fruit puree (in this case, raspberry), which resulted in a very pleasant and memorable discovery (because honestly I am not initially a fan of such sweets). So don’t be limited by your previous opinions about sweet treats, you may be surprised and appreciate them as if it was the first time!
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonSophie’s credo for her products is : Beautiful – Delicious – Affordable. What sounds like a promise is actually true …

So Beautiful

SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonRegarding the macarons, Sophie works on each recipe until she is satisfied with the final taste and texture. Then, she focuses on the appearance and adds a specific detail on each macaron, to make it as appealing as good.
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonThe lemon macarons have yellow glittering on the shell, the raspberry ones have a brush mark, the violette macarons have a crystallised violet petal on the shell (oops, no picture here…ate it to promptly and it was absolutely delicious!)…
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog Doyouspeaklondon

So delicious

SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonThe reason why I love so much Sophie’s creations is because she sources the finest products for all her creations. And it makes them outstanding. You know you are eating a good macaron when you can really identify the core ingredients and attest to their freshness.
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog DoyouspeaklondonWhen I ate the pistachios macaron, I enjoyed the pistachio shards all around the macaron, which gives a crunchy and delicate result. When I tasted the violet macaron, I really loved discovering a blackcurrant on the top of the filling… When I had a slice of the Galette, I appreciated the thinness of the pastry and delicacy of the frangipane, with its strong almond taste…
SoChoux London Lifestyle Blog Doyouspeaklondon

So affordable

SoChoux has already developed and made a reputation with its macarons (Sophie has been able to meet the high quality standards of Selfridges, where she sold her macarons last Christmas). Though, in comparison with other luxury brands creating macarons – with which So Choux could easily compete – Sophie has decided to adopt a policy of reasonable prices. Which is a good news for the most delicate palates …

And even better:
SoChoux offers to all DYSL readers a 10% discount on all orders (valid for 6 months) with the code: SoChouxDYSL10.

So hurry and order online, either for St Valentine’s or Mother’s day (or even with no particular occasion!!) to discover the most delicate handmade macarons, choux and cakes in West London!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found inspiration here. If you are planning to order something scrumptious from SoChoux, please share your experience and opinion on DOYOUSPEAKLONDON’s blog!

This post is sponsored by SoChoux and all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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