3 reasons to wander in the Isabella Plantation

London is very well-known for its beautiful streets, colorful houses, lovely gardens … and amazing parks. And the Isabella Plantation, located in the heart of Richmond Park, is worth the visit. I discovered it 2 years ago with my family and since then we have come back regularly to admire its beauty. Let’s discover my (minimum) 3 reasons to go there…

A historic plantation

The Isabella Plantation is set “within a Victorian woodland plantation planted in the 1830s”. It was first opened to the public in the mid 20th century.
I can’t help but think it’s one of the most luxurious, colorful and exotic garden I have ever seen. Wherever you look, you feel overwhelmed by beauty.

A must-see botanic garden

The Plantation is very famous for its azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias but there are many other species that contribute to this place’s unique character.
Each season brings new flowerings. You can have a look at the Plantation’s website to discover the “Monthly Plant Diary”, that will help you plan your visits according to your liking.
Many scientists and plant collectors have contributed to the current beauty of the Isabella Plantation, which is environnement-friendly managed. Biodiversity is also well-protected.

An enchanting walk whatever the season

We chose to come to the Isabella Plantation in late Spring, but each season brings new treasures and the place offers many different sceneries that will satisfy everyone’s curiosity.
The ponds, streams or glades… Here, nature is seen at its best.
I do recommend this splendid garden to everyone fond of nature and to families (kids will love climbing up the trees, pick up some sticks and look for insects…).

And the nearby Richmond area is great to discover with the Richmond Park of course and the city where you will find great places to eat (I had mentioned the Petersham Nurseries in a previous post, which is a paradise) … or even shop!

To find out more:
The Isabella Plantation website
Richmond Park website

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  1. myriam says:
    In gardens , the British are the best . And who is the best in terms of photos ? But of course DYSL !
    What a show , what a delight , this walk is a pure moment of happiness .

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