The Refinery: the perfect lunch spot in Bankside

This is my kind of place: ideally located near the Tate Modern (my second home) with a great atmosphere and tasty food. Even the kids are happy as it is spacious and the staff are dedicated and joyful…  There is also a terrace in a pedestrian street, which is quite nice when the sun comes out in London. Still waiting for more reasons to go there ?? Let’s see how it looks …

A great design and atmosphere

I love the loft-like contemporary style of this restaurant, with a mix of steel and wood.
The restaurant pays close attention to the details and the addition of flowers and comfy sofas convey a warm atmosphere to the place.

The food menu

We came several times at the Refinery and enjoyed different food inspirations. All were excellent!
The common point though is the freshness of the ingredients. The salads are especially really tasty and creative.
We came for lunch every time with our kids and did not try the wine and beer selections, but that will be our next reason to come back ! Even cocktails are really tempting…
The service was great: the kids were served first and our meals just followed.

Inspiring toilets!

The Refinery offers surprises even in most unexpected places! I was agreeably surprised to see these quotations on the mirrors in the rest rooms the first time I came…
On my second visit, I discovered more spiritual thoughts and … recipes!
The Refinery is a great address and the spacious layout will allow you to come as groups. Enjoy your food and visit!

To find out more:
The Refinery: 110 Southwark St,  London, SE1 0TF

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  1. elialand says:
    Something funny! one of the many thougts of your article could be perfectly suitable to the heading of your previous one… excellent golden mango too ! and so easy to try

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