A wonderful day at Anglesey Abbey

We had planned to stay at Cambridge for one night and to visit Anglesey Abbey the next morning, as the venue seemed to be exceptional. And so was it!
This National Trust is a delight for the eyes as the gardens are currently in glorious bloom. The visit was also the occasion for us to see a working watermill and discover a Jacobean-style house. A must-see destination for nature and history lovers…

Beautiful gardens

We were very surprised to see trees and flowers we don’t usually see in parks. Look at this trunk, which suggests metal…
And these branches looked like snakes…
The contrast between the many colors of the flowers was exquisite. We were going from one new discovery to the next…
The most famous attraction in the gardens is the “sea of tulips'”, which carpet the beautiful Himalayan Silver Birch Grove in the Winter Garden. I love these trunks with their eyes spying on you…

The active Lode watermill

The walk to the Mill was as beautiful as rejuvenating: the surrounding nature has this power to cheer you up and makes you feel in harmony with the environment.
You can actually see the grain turn into wholesome wholemeal flour before your eyes, and even buy some!

Lord Fairhaven’s House

Lord Fairhaven is the last owner of Anglesey Abbey. He  turned it into a luxurious country house, showcasing his vast & varied collections of works of art.

A garden of statues

They are everywhere in the gardens, as part of the collection assembled by Lord Fairhaven and known as one of the finest collections of garden statuary in the country.
If you need another argument to convince you to go to Anglesey Abbey, just look at the several walks suggested by the National Trust. You will see that kids will find many ways to have fun in the gardens…
Anglesey Abbey is the best idea for a family day-out: everyone will enjoy it!

To find out more:
Anglesey Abbey: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9EJ

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  1. myriam says:

    This pictures are so talentful that one can feel the softness of the air , the perfume of the flowers , the bright of the sun wich reflects on the bronze of the statues and warms the old stones , the scent of leather books in the ancient librairy,….What a great moment in this awe-inspiring place !

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