3 reasons not to miss Chihuly’s exhibition at Kew Gardens!

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This is for me the most exciting exhibition of the year. The Chihuly’s “Reflections on nature”, is currently in place (until 27th October 2019) at Kew Gardens (West London).
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogIf you have never had the chance to see Chihuly’s glass artwork before, there is still time to organise a day out in Kew Gardens. I was so impressed by this artist’s creations that I went there 3 times already and experienced completely different perceptions of Chihuly’s work each time.
Today, DOYOUSPEAKLONDON gives you the 3 reasons why you should not miss this amazing exhibition.
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog

1. It is Chihuly’s artwork

Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogI was personally not very familiar with Chihuly’s work, but had seen his extravagant “Rotunda Chandelier” -inaugurated by the Queen- in the Hall of the Victoria & Albert Museum when  visiting it the first time.
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogDale Chihuly is a contemporary American glass sculptor, famous to have turned this art into a larger scale. This is indeed very impressive to consider the size and shapes of his artworks, and we can easily imagine the technical difficulties Chihuly must have overcome before achieving such results.
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogChihuly already showcased his artwork in London several times, either temporarily in museums (Victoria & Albert Museum in 2001) and Parks (Kew Gardens in 2005), or permanently -as part of commissioned artwork- in hotels (“The foyer” at Claridge’s), Department Stores (the “Amber and Gold Chandelier” at Harrod’s) and is regularly on view at the Halcyon Gallery.
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogLondon seems to be a big fan of Chihuly’s mesmerizing installations… and so am I!
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogDale Chihuly is someone who seems to have taken up many challenges in his own life as he lost his left eye in a car accident in 1976 and dislocated his right shoulder in 1979 (while bodysurfing), which prevented him from being able to hold the glass blowing pipe. Since then, he has always worked with a team, carefully managing their work and having a different perspective of what was created… which he says enables him to anticipate problems and gives a great view on what’s in progress.

This video gives you an overview of Chihuly’s working approach and achievements.

2. It is amazing Art

Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogWithout starting a philosophical approach of what is Art or is not, I just want to enhance the fact that Chihuly’s glass sculptures are of incredible beauty and high complexity. And that mix is what I have always admired in Art.
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogThe exhibition “Reflections on nature” highlights the perfect marriage of art, science and nature. The glass material has been  shaped to the limit of what is technically possible, and artistically inspired. Then, the final creations have been artfully displayed in Kew Gardens so that nature and art blend harmoniously.
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogSometimes, colors mix perfectly well with the environment, like those red and orange artworks lined up in front of the Temperate House, blending perfectly well with the surrounding poppies and cherry trees last April.
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogChihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogSometimes, the shapes are suggesting animals and we can easily imagine some swans around us …
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogSometimes also, the glass itself impresses as the lighting stresses the interplay of transparency and colour…even dragonflies get lost!
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog

3. This Art is at Kew Gardens

Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London Blog

I have recently presented Kew Gardens’ highlights on this blog. I have seen this park evolve over the last few years and the newly reopened buildings at Kew definitely provide a high level of interest.
Chihuly Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogBy showcasing Chihuly’s work until the end of October, Kew Gardens only offer you another good excuse to visit those beautiful  -and Royal- gardens!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found inspiration here. If you are planning to visit Chihuly’s exhibition soon, please share your experience and opinion on DOYOUSPEAKLONDON’s blog!

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  1. Myriam says:
    Yes, I’ve enjoyed so much this post . Fantastic work ! Marvelous artist ! So beautiful ! Amazing !
    J’ADORE !
  2. elialand says:
    Magnificent ! your talent as a photographer and the sumptuous Chihuly’glass artwork make we enjoy with so much pleasure the colours of each photo; strength and fragility!
    it’s like a dream;
    Yes it is amazing ART
    I am “glued” to the beauty of the work and extremely impressed by the technique : very interesting video!!

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