Gyoza Bar: a good place to eat gyoza!

In this article I will present you a restaurant I recently discovered and really appreciated. It is situated two steps away from Trafalgar square and Covent Garden, which is a great location if you want to wander in the heart of London whether for Art, Theatre or shopping and combine it with a good place to eat. And if you are a fan of gyoza (these Asian dumplings I am personally fond of…) the Gyoza Bar is the perfect place!

A warm exotic place

In this restaurant’s minimalist design, made of wooden floors and brick walls, you can choose a small table (some of them are more intimate) and enjoy an exotic atmosphere. Personally, I think coming on a Sunday was great as the place was not at all crowdy and we had plenty of choice for our sitting and it was pleasantly quiet.

Delicious food

There’s a limited menu adapted to lunch and dinner and focusing on specialities. We ordered the salmon gyoza and that’s a great experience! We can still remember the delicious Yuzu coconut chili oil sauce that accompanied the gyozas…
The other specialities there are the Ramen Noodles Soups. I would highly recommend the “Spicy Minced Pork”: very tasty with a spicy meat and some crispy vegetables. It’s time to indulge yourself with good food!
The more curious also have the opportunity to try the “Bao Board Lunch Menu”, which consists of several small portions of dishes, to have an idea of varied flavours.

An attentive staff

At the beginning we were quite indecisive about the menu and the staff were really helpful. Then, they were very attentive throughout the meal for us to feel comfortable.

We were delighted to discover the Gyoza Bar and it is really worth a visit…especially if you like Gyoza and Ramen! The Gyoza Bar is just next door to the Japanese “Murukami” restaurant. Maybe another place I will discover soon… ?

Feel free to say if you know these places and what you think about them!


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