10 good reasons to wander in Marylebone

I love this part of London. This is smack in the middle of the city, but as soon as you have left the main streets you can enjoy a peaceful area, almost forgetting you are in a crowded and noisy capital… And Marylebone has much to offer: whether you are a busy worker, a curious tourist, a careful mother coming to a doctor’s appointment (Harley Street counts many doctors specialists), or a local in love with his neighbourhood, you’ll find plenty of interests in Marylebone!

Hidden place in Marylebone

I always reach Marylebone by walking through a narrow pedestrian passage in front of the Bond Street station, on Oxford Street. Look at the H&M shop there and you’ll see people suddenly disappearing, if you stand on the right side of the shop…It’s quite exciting to experience it! You will then discover a small place, St Christopher’s, which is full of restaurants and attractive shops. The first time, I really had the impression to make a great discovery, because I was very surprised and felt quite privileged to know the place. Over time it has become a regular habit, which I still value …

Happy breakfast at the Nordic Bakery

Last time I went to Marylebone, I headed for the Nordic Bakery, which is famous for its cinnamon buns. As I really was focused on the wonderful facades of the street I did not pay attention to the address of the Bakery… but the smell of the cinnamon was so strong in the air that I just followed the smell of it to reach the place!
And these cinnamon are really tasty and nutritious: perfect to begin a new day! People there were from all ages and status: workers, late-risers or curious people like me! The staff are very friendly, I felt like at home …

Lovely streets

All the streets show nice facades and flowers. At this period of the year this is really exquisite to see.

I also found some fun pictures to make with reflections effects, like this photo with a design wheel and the opposite facade in reverberation.
In Marylebone High Street, among the many luxury shops I saw cosy places like this welcoming bench in front of Agnes B. An invitation to enjoy the springtime … or recover from the shopping (for those interested)!
I also like to see all these tables on outside terraces as soon as there is a taste of sunshine… This restaurant, Aubaine (below), was very tempting : this is the one I am very likely to try next time I’ll go to Marylebone! The best option would be to go on a Sunday, as you can enjoy the Marylebone Farmer’s Market that day, on the opposite side to Aubaine, on Cramer’s Street. Food enthusiasts will be delighted to taste and buy fresh food…
I simply fell in love with this shop on Cavendish Street: Jane Packer Flower Shop. Jane Packer is said to be “one of the world’s most influential florists”. If her skills were to be judged only by her storefront, no doubt she would win everyone’s esteem. Her website is also full of poetry… If you are an addict of the Floral Art, Jane Packer has founded an already famous Flower School.

St James’s Church

This was a rainy day when I discover this Church on George Street. It made it even more obvious I would enjoy some quiet and dry place. But when I got into St James’s Church, I was really impressed by the beauty of its interior. The brightness, the height, the fine art of the sculptures, paintings and stained-glass windows…

I took time to wander into the Church while the organist was playing. That conferred a studious atmosphere… The Church is really worth a visit if you are in the area…

Attractive doors

For those aware of my passion for doors (which I explained in a recent post) there is no surprise. I find doors inspiring or simply beautiful. Let’s see which are Marylebone’s hidden gems…
When you walk in Harley Street, you can’t help but look with inquisitive eyes at the many beautiful doors. Some of them are -quite surprisingly- open in the morning (maybe waiting for a delivery?)…
Some others are so nice you wish you could enter the building to know if there is more of this delicacy inside…
My favorite one is certainly this one, with its inspiration “Art Nouveau“. I like the mix of wood, iron and glass. Very stylish!
This one also had even delicate details everywhere, like the rams at the top of the porch.

A healthy lunch at Daylesford

On Blandford Street stands Daylesford, the organic cafe and its farmshop. You can enjoy delicious and fresh food, either inside or outside. I love going there to take a break.

A well-known Bookshop on Marylebone High Street

I went there very recently, for the first time. The Daunt Books bookshop is very famous in the area, because of its unique atmosphere and incredibly wide range of books.

The inside of the Bookshop is interesting, and you find yourself completely absorbed in looking at the interior design as well as in searching a book!
After exploring 3 levels of books, I went out with “an international bestseller” book that is an introspection of the english society, written by Kate Fox: “Watching the English, the hidden rules of english behaviour”. My appreciation in a next article … !

The blue plaques, an english heritage

London’s famous blue plaques appear on many facades in London. When I walk in Marylebone I always see some of them and it seems this area has been full of architects and medicine representatives, as this one I present you below. These plaques “link the people of the past with the buildings of the present”.

A tea at Amanzi

The Amanzi Tea Cafe and Shop is great! This is full of healthy teas and innovative ideas to enjoy teas. If you are lucky you will sit in the armchairs at the window. You can ask for cakes inside but this is not the main attraction here. Try the Cocktails, the Frappés, the Chais, the Bubble teas… You’ve got plenty of choice and flavours!

Art in Marylebone

For those who are excited by Art, I can recommend two places (I will present the fabulous Wallace Collection in a separate article soon). First the Fashion Space Gallery. I did not have the opportunity to pop inside last time as it was closed to prepare a new exhibition. I am still eager to go there! Next exhibition will start on 22 April…
For those more curious about Music, especially classical music, there is the Wigmore Hall on Wigmore Street. It is one of the world’s top chamber music venues and there is also a restaurant worth testing before or after a concert.
I hope you will find the time to wander in Marylebone to see, taste, explore famous or hidden places… I wish you a good time there!

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    Such beautiful photographs!

    I love this area – it was so nostalgic to see some my favourite haunts! It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in London … time for a visit!

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