Is the UK tea market still innovative ?

The Tea market may seem saturated considering the many existing brands. Nevertheless, there is still room for newcomers as some UK brands have recently proven it. Their goal is to stand out from the crowd, through innovation and excellence.
Last 21st April was National Tea Day, which I celebrated in the Kensington Roof Gardens. The Festival organised there was said to be “the perfect mix between garden party heaven and tea tasting perfection”. That was a great opportunity to discover (and be surprised by) tea brands I had (sometimes) never heard of…

Innovation in names and packaging

There is a hard competition on the tea market, especially in this country, where drinking tea is part of the British tradition. And I was delighted to see how creative tea brands still can be… starting with names, like for  “Chash” focusing on British personalities to create “signature blends”…
As one can expect, many brands’ names are made from the word “Tea” itself. Like this brand, Immunitea, which sells an orange-flavored multi-vitamin Tea that I really appreciated…
Similarly, this other brand: Capacitea, has a wide range of Chinese premium quality loose leaf teas. I liked the poetic design of their packaging.

Another brand seems to consider tea as a field of research, as its name (and packaging) suggests: Tea Lab.
I was particularly fond of their orange and spice flavors.

Social brands

Innovation can come from social commitment, like for this brand, Tea People. It offers many different teas, some of them mixed with exotic fruits that tasted delicious.

Premium tea brands

Clearspring was the only brand I really knew before coming to the Festival. It was the occasion to taste their organic Matcha tea  I am very fond of…

Another Brand I have discovered at the Festival offers a wide range of fine loose leaf teas: The Tea Makers. I really appreciate their teas and also their passion for this drink. I will present you this brand in a specific article by focusing on their ranges of teas and related services. Keep an eye on the blog so you will not miss it!

Tea-related products

I have discovered brands selling products that will turn your afternoon tea into a “never ordinary” experience! Look at Arden’s lovely and funny Mug Huggers …!
Some brands are also bringing a bit of freshness … and I personally loved this drink from Green Lady Sparkling Tea! I am so desperate for the summer to come now…
This other brand, Aunt Martha’s, offers “A Victorian Dining Experience”. You can eat, drink and experience an afternoon tea from another time… So British!

This Festival was the perfect way to get to know new brands and products. Furthermore, I came back to the Kensington Roof Gardens which I like very much. But you will see that in another post … You definitely have to keep in touch!

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