The Tea Makers of London: an indulgent treat for the senses

Winter is here. It brings wonderful combinations of colours in London.  It also gives new satisfactions, like enjoying a warm cup of tea after a walk in this chilly weather. I am a tea addict. Real one. I have developed this addiction over time by tasting several french brands with high-quality teas. This was before coming to London. I recently discovered an award-winning UK Tea Brand you won’t be able to resist for long…

The Tea Makers of London

If you’re not yet familiar with this name, it’s because the brand is mainly known from tea connoisseurs. But this may be about to change because The Tea Makers offer a large assortment of outstanding teas and irresistible teaware.
I discovered the brand last year at the London Tea Festival and was immediately impressed by the quality of their teas. As The Tea Makers stress it: “Creating the perfect cup of tea is as much a science as it is a form of art”. The brand’s design itself is an invitation to smell, look at and taste its variety of teas.
Moreover, this brand has shown ability to simply educate people about the world’s best teas. The website seems to be made with this aim in mind, considering the number of details about each tea story, tasting notes and brewing guidance. And their online Tea Journal is a pleasure to read as well as an endless inspiration to taste new teas…

Innovative teas

When I participated in the Tea Festival last June, I was surprised to discover many new brands entering the already-very-competitive tea market. I was even more surprised to see how innovative such brands, as The Tea Makers, could be.
Their “Triunes” (understand “large triangular shaped mesh teabags” containing loose tea) is the innovative concept of the brand, an improved version of the teabag: it gives the perfect space for the leaves to expand and reveal all their flavours.
I was personally stunned by the Peppermint Triunes, as the tea was actually offering all the freshness and taste of the mint, as if being in a loose-leaf format, which makes the Triunes be as exquisite as convenient for use! Furthermore, this tea did not bring any bitterness after minutes of infusion, as it may be the case sometimes. On the contrary, I really appreciated these exotic and cooling sensations. This is a treat for every mint tea lover!

Distinctive teas from all over the world

The Tea Makers have a large collection of high-quality teas. Among the most original teas I have ever tested, there is : The Dragon Well, coming from China, very interesting with its aroma of roasted hazelnuts.
The Glenburn Moonshine was also knew to me. This First Flush from the Glenburn tea garden in Darjeeling is said to be the best tea. I personnally enjoyed its delicate and fruity flavors.
The Huangshan Mao Feng, also coming from China, has typical leaves and offers a beautiful nutty taste, which tea lovers will appreciate.
These are just a few among the incredible choice The Tea Makers are offering…

Did you say Organic Teas?

Organic is on all lips. To live healthier has become our motto. But in some cases “healthy” is competing with “taste”. That’s certainly not the case with The Tea Makers.
Their organic Teas are delicate (like the Vanilla Rooibos – picture), tasty (like the Premium Japanese Sencha), sometimes even surprising (like the chamomile blossoms, which mixes beauty and taste).
These teas are the perfect way to combine the useful to the enjoyable…

Is Matcha your cup of tea?

The first time I tried the Matcha tea was during a tea ceremony. I loved the rituals associated with this vibrant-green-colour tea. Today, Matcha tea is very famous and used as a baking ingredient or for healthy reasons as the benefits abound from it.
I like to drink it regularly, for its creamy taste and detox properties. There are many ways to brew it, which are described on the Tea Makers website.

Looking for a special treat?

Each brand has its specialities. Sometimes brands have special blends made just for you. The Tea Makers have a few ones, but I personally got hooked on drinking the Sencha Goji Berry tea! I am totally addict to Pomegranate and berries and the mix with Sencha tea is awesome…

Awesome Teaware

Appreciating tea makes you attentive to teaware. I can’t start a day without my cup of tea, and I am very sensitive to the teaware I use. And The Tea Makers have an awesome range of teaware!  Especially using double-wall glasses, which allows to see the teas in details, and the choice of a pure and at the same time contemporary design.
Some tea sets sometimes more floral or colorful, if you prefer.
I just love this teaware!

Christmas countdown has started now and if you are short of amazing ideas to treat someone, do not hesitate: The Tea Makers tick all the boxes when it comes to offer the perfect present! Look at the many Christmas ideas on their website … and let us know what you think on this blog!

This post is sponsored by The Tea Makers and all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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  1. Giulia says:

    I missed your posts for the last few months. They are still giving the will to try new experience. The pictures are also very delicate by the way

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    Great !! I’m fond of tea . one question : where could I found Christmas Tea, the better one? Thank you so much!
    My favourite blog: glad to meet you again !!
    Merry Christmas

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