Easter week-end at Kew gardens

This is it, the Easter break has just started and either you have already organised plenty of fun activities as a genuine Easter Bunny fan (or parent of some!) or you’re still desperately wondering where to go for an exciting Easter Egg hunt… ? I have some suggestion here.
But don’t expect me to reveal an unreleased place where nobody else would have the idea to chase eggs: the place is always crowdy and if you want to enjoy -at least- one egg, don’t come too late!

One year ago I came to Kew Gardens to discover this tradition that many kids are so fond of. The children have great time there indeed, following a trail and trying to stamp images in order to get a chocolate from Bunny -itself- in the end. Quite a memory. And quite impressive though, as everyone is waiting in front of Bunny and kids easily become intimidated at that point… which makes parents feel sooooo indispensable, which is, in itself, a great reward after a long quest!
For those who don’t particularly fancy this traditional celebration, Kew Gardens offer many other opportunities, from wandering in the park and being amazed by the beauty of trees and first blossoms (which is the best way to avoid the crowd)….

…to exploring the park facilities aimed at entertaining the whole family… or simply curious people. Here is the ten-storey octagonal Pagoda (about to be restored…) that will make you feel dizzy!
There’s also a tropical greenhouse, with amazing plants and a small aquarium on the underground part.

And a tree-top walkway, very impressive with the transparent infrastructure!

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to relax, go to the wonderful temple called Chokushi-Mon, a replica of a Temple in Kyoto, that was created for the Japan-British exhibition held in London in 1910.
For those who like being disoriented, I’ll recommend another part of the park, that made me think of the Fuji Mountain, Hokusai’s cherished Mountain. Don’t you see it?
To satisfy everyone, the children will also find a playground in the heart of the park, where they can enjoy walking on tree trunks or hide in a cave…Kew may please even the most adventurous kids…!

For those who just want to enjoy a relaxing walk, Kew is the place to be as it provides many visual surprises such as light effects in the trees or the beauty of the many benches you constantly feel attracted to, maybe due to their innate sense of romanticism?
What a good time you can have at Kew! In addition to the current family fun programme “chocolate sensations“, you’ll be able to witness spring’s beauty…

I wish you all a nice Easter holiday at Kew Gardens!


One thought on “Easter week-end at Kew gardens

  1. elialand says:

    Once I saw Easter Bunny come “hop,hop,hop”
    so I said “dear Bunny “will you stop,stop,stop”
    I ran to the window to say “how do you do”
    but he shook his fluffy tail and said “Happy Easter to you”

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