Discover the Science Museum…and a genius inventor!

In South Kensington, between the National History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum stands the Science Museum, that holds a large collection of machinery and scientific items, “such famous items as Stephenson’s RocketPuffing Billy (the oldest surviving steam locomotive), the first jet engine“, to mention just a few.
You can admire old cars, old planes, discover the first medical equipments, know more about the space machines and the history of the space conquest and many other fields related to scientific discoveries…
Sometimes, you’ll be able to interact and make some tactiles experiences, which gives children the opportunity not to get bored to quickly! Kids can also enjoy some 3D films with the IMAX 3D Cinema showing science and nature documentaries in a more contemporary way. Actually, the children are more than welcome at the Science Museum: they can wander in the numerous rooms and levels, with an activity book full of questions and advice to discover more about science (and half term is also an occasion to take part in events and workshops).
It is really pleasant to spend time in the museum, as they are many areas and levels where you always learn something… even enjoy graphical views of Scientific machinery!

Exhibitions here are really interesting and a new one, featuring some Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions, is a must-see event for Londoners!
The exhibition aims at presenting historical models of Leonardo’s inventions, designed by engineers in the 1950s after interpreting Leonardo’s manuscripts. The result is really interesting and reflect the genie’s mind: curious and ambitious!
I find the exhibition well-staged, with some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings and sketches in the background. Explanations of the inventions are well-done and trilingual (including French!) which makes it easier to understand technical elements…
I think that the inventions displayed in this exhibition perfectly depict the personality of Leonardo Da Vinci who was as much an engineer as an artist. The inventions made from the genius’ manuscripts are aesthetic, as much as they are (supposed to be) technically efficient… but I hadn’t had the chance to see them work!
Leonardo Da Vinci was interested in many topics such as constructing flying machines, diving equipment and weapons, which we can see in this exhibition.
The exhibition is also very appreciated by the youngest as there are interactive games almost at every stage of the visit…
In addition to the inventions, I really found it sensible to present some precious drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci: portraits, flowers, maps… Leonardo Da Vinci was curious about everything and his analysis of the Nature is well presented at the end of the exhibition.

After such a great moment with a Master, you’ll certainly (like me!) ask for more … ! The only way to extend your knowledge about Leonardo Da Vinci being an artist as well as an engineer would be for you to (re)discover his last residence in France near the Amboise Castle : le Clos Luce. Surprise: there is also an exhibition of his inventions there… !

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  1. Olivier Helbe says:

    As an adept of ” old Leonardo “, I appreciate very much your relation on this Genius, from ingeneer to artist, from London…to Amboise ( where this friend of great François the first ended his long créative life !). Tank you for this good, great moment !!!

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