The amazing Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens!

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The Orchids Festival takes place annually at Kew Gardens. The event is now closed but for those who could not attend it, here are some pictures that will help you explore the world of orchids! This 23rd Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens was inspired by Thailand. It was visually appealing thanks to the colorful and delicate orchids, and quite interesting to be immersed in the Thai culture the time of the visit.
Today, DOYOUSPEAKLONDON invits you to discover the new edition of the renowned Kew Orchids Festival.

2018 Thai-inspired Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens

Kew Orchids Festival Doyouspeaklondon blogKew Garden is a reference when it comes to orchids. I have regularly come here to admire these surprising flowers and attended a couple of Festivals.
Kew Orchids Festival Doyouspeaklondon blogThis 2018 orchids Festival was dedicated to Thailand’s knowledge and passion for orchids, as this country counts 1100 species of orchids.
The Princess of Wales Conservatory hosted the festival, which was decorated with several displays referring to Thailand’s life and culture.
Apparently, Thailand “is home to 10 per cent of all of the world’s flowering plants”. However stunning it may sound, it is true that flowers are used in many ways in Thailand including medicine, cooking and worship, which explains the importance of floral plants in this country…The highlight of this Thai-inspired Festival was the “Bang Pa-In inspired orchid palace”.
Orchids were literally surrounding the floating palace, which was an obvious delight for the eyes, as well as it brought the “wow factor” into the tropical glasshouse!
Each detail of this display had been carefully designed, there was so much to look at (for orchids fans like me!)…

Splendid orchids

I did not know that new species of orchids were still discovered every year. Last year alone, 600 were found including 3 from Thailand!
Orchids are quite unique flowers and very exotic. They are pure beauty.
Their shapes are amazing, sometimes picturing some human figures (or am I too Walt Disney films addicted?!).
Even their colors can be surprising (like this camouflage pattern)…
I particularly remember a Festival where I saw hanging orchids bouquets for the first time. This is something very surprising and very aesthetic too!

These were falling into the pond close to the “Bang Pa-In inspired orchid palace”.

The 2018 Orchids Festival was memorable and I wish I had had more time to participate in the events organized on this occasion (cooking and cocktails tips, talks with orchids experts…).
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found inspiration here. If you are planning to explore some orchids festival, please share your experience and opinion on DOYOUSPEAKLONDON’s blog!

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