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I had long wanted to go to SushiSamba. I had heard so much about it: the food, the view…It seemed so unique I had to give it a go with my husband. We went there on a grey day, but the weather could not diminish our excitement to discover this new place! Let me share with you my best memories…

A restaurant full of history

SushiSamba first opened in 1999 in New York. The concept of SushiSamba’s cuisine is to mix elements from 3 countries: Japan, Brazil and Peru. 

The choice of these 3 countries comes as a reminder of all the Japanese emigrants who settled in Peru and Brazil in the early 20th century and spread their cultures there, while taking into account new elements from the country they were integrating.
This was described as a “culinary coup” in its early stages, but now the group has opened new restaurants in several countries (and is even about to open a new one in Covent Garden soon!).

An exquisite cuisine with a mix of 3 cultures

SushiSamba offers a really impressive cuisine with a rich mix of flavours and colors.
Even the sushis look like pieces of art (and especially for that I would love to come back!)…
After eating the sushis, we have tried the Seviche and Tiradito dishes with raw fishes, which were delicate with fresh vegetables and sometimes a delicious spicy sauce.
As a large plate we chose the Moqueca Mista, combining a mix of fishes with coconut milk and chimichurri rice…which was delightful!
We could not go further because after 6 dishes we were full! But looking at other tables, we were almost tempted to try other ones…

Amazing view over the city

SushiSamba is located on the 38th floor at 110 Bishopsgate, and offers a 360 degree views of London.

We went up there with a panoramic glass elevator which provides a unique experience…especially for those suffering from vertigo like me!
In summer the outdoor dining terrace is open (with its famous orange tree), which must be memorable…

A singular decor

Black and orange are obviously Sushi Samba’s colors. The bamboo is also part of the decor and the lights hanging from the open bamboo ceiling create a singular and contemporary atmosphere.
I like the choice for vibrant colors, contrasting with the darker colors from the furniture and floor. The graffiti installation is from Brazilian Street Artist Flip, and mixes all cultures from the SushiSamba’s concept.

Sushi Samba is for sure a great experience I will remember for long. When a restaurant combines such qualities as an amazing location and 360 degree view over London with a high-quality food, you are with no doubts in good hands… When you add to that a great staff (our waitress was absolutely perfect: caring, kind and giving us always good advice), you can hardly hesitate… except maybe because of the prices (this restaurant is not at all cheap, but the food and location are worth it).
Be also aware that you have to book in advance (especially for dinner) as Sushi Samba is much appreciated …
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