The Barbican Conservatory, a hidden tropical oasis in the heart of London!

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The Barbican is a famous Arts Center in London, exploring all forms of Art including Music, Dance, Cinema and hosting many art exhibitions throughout the year. But what is still relatively unknown from tourists or even Londoners is that the venue also hosts a tropical conservatory, with free entrance. Let me introduce you to the Barbican Conservatory…

A hidden garden in London

This is quite unexpected to wander in a tropical garden in Central London. I had vaguely heard of the Barbican Conservatory a few years ago but never really planned to go there until recently.
The most surprising fact of the place is the combination of the surrounding concrete buildings with tropical plants…
The temperature was not as hot as we thought it would be inside the Barbican Conservatory (as we experienced it in Kew Garden) and some plants seemed to be in need of water.
But the walk was appreciated though as the Conservatory brought some surprises along the route…

An indoor rainforest

The Barbican Conservatory is the second biggest conservatory in London. There are over 2000 species of tropical plants and trees. But also a few animals…
and a pond with fishes…
The walk through the main part of the Conservatory is interesting as nature, architecture and animal life all mix together well.

The Arid House

This is my favorite part of the Barbican Conservatory: The Arid House, where we could admire colorful flowers like these beautiful orchids…
A treat for all photographers as these flowers are very inspiring… This warm room is full of cactus and various plants.
Some of them are quite original…
We stayed there quite a long time as colors, shapes and the warm atmosphere inspired me a lot.

Conservatory events

This is quite strange, unexpected to visit such an oasis in the heart of London. All the more as the visit is free!
Some services can even be added to it.
Very surprising is the restaurant hidden among the tropical plants, where people were enjoying afternoon teas while we walked around them!

The Barbican Conservatory also organises occasional guided tours. They are led by the current gardeners of the Conservatory and present the history of the tropical garden.
The Barbican Conservatory is open to the public on selected Sundays from 12 noon–5pm. It is the occasion to discover the Barbican Center’s specific architecture.
I wish you a good time there. And don’t forget to share your experience on this blog!

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