Tombo, the Japanese restaurant & Matcha Bar in South Kensington

Tombo South Kensington Doyouspeaklondon

Half-term is nearly here and South Kensington may be a good destination for you if you want to visit one of the most famous museums in London with your kids. The National History Museum is very much appreciated by the little ones, as well as the Science Museum or the V&A for older ones. If you go there, you might look for a good place to eat and I know a restaurant where my kids and I love to go: Tombo, very close to South Kensington tube station. Let me introduce you to this lovely restaurant…

Tiny cosy place

I like Tombo’s authentic place and tiny space.
Tombo DoyouspeaklondonYou will have to avoid peak hours to get a table there, but it’s definitely worth trying!
Tombo Doyouspeaklondon

An authentic Japanese food

Tombo DoyouspeaklondonFor those who -like me and my kids- enjoy Japanese food, there will be plenty of choices in Tombo’s menu you will be delighted to try!
Tombo South Kensington DoyouspeaklondonFrom Bento boxes, Sushis Bowls to delicious currys and noodles meals, Tombo adapts to all palates!

Tombo’s Matcha bar

Tomb South Kensington DoyouspeaklondonTombo’s motto is to provide everyone with “Healthy eating accompanied by delicious & uplifting teas”.
I have only tried green teas so far, but I will come back very soon to discover the range of Matcha drinks …
Tomb South Kensington DoyouspeaklondonActually, not only teas are made of Matcha: Tombo offers various homemade desserts including the matcha powder. They are simply irresistible !

To go further:
Tombo Restaurant South Kensington: 29 Thurloe Place, SW72HQ
National History Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum
Science Museum

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