My favourite French brands in London

Let’s begin my list in a rather provocative way (you might call it “Frenchiness”!). I very well know England is fond of tea, which has been very popular here since the 18th century. With 80% of the British population drinking tea every day and a consumption of 165 million cups daily, England is one of the world’s greatest tea consumers per capita (even if I have learnt Ireland came before England in this category…). And I join you on this particular habit as I can’t live without drinking lots of tea everyday… Now I fully assume my preferences: my favourite tea brands are French ones!

Mariage Frères is certainly the best one for me as I appreciate their corporate image (the whole communication is coherent, using the black colour typical of luxury positioning and an historical sign that refers to the beginning of the tea industry) as much as their teas. In particular, I am currently fond of the “The Vert Provence”, from which I love the freshness of the green tea and the delicacy of the rose and lavender flavours. You can find this Gourmet tea shop at Selfridges with lots of choice and a very attentive staff. Let’s hope there will be soon a tearoom in London to enhance the brand…

Another cherished brand is Kusmi Tea, and my favourite shop is in Marylebone. You can’t miss their colourful packaging and their fashion partnerships (they recently had a partnership with Jean-Paul Gautier who designed some tea pots and cups). They have wonderful teas and as January means “detoxification” after the overindulgence of the-end-of-the-year-parties, I will recommend one of the Detox range I like drinking when it’s cold outside: the BB Detox (BB for “Beauty Beverage”) which is a mix of green tea, maté, rooibos, guarana, and dandelion, flavoured with a hint of grapefruit. Try it, you’ll love it!

Whereas Mariages Freres has developed teas dedicated to places/cities from all over the world (called “Les Calligraphies du The”, and one is called “Paris London”) or some themes (Love, Easter…), Kusmi Tea focuses mostly on our different types of mood to offer us some specific drinks for recovery. Both of them are very demanding in the selection of teas and provide luxury collections of teas. They have much in common regarding their conception of trade, their ethic and brand management. To go further in the comparison, I have found an interesting article that will make you an addict of these French brands!

If we go on speaking about Drinks and Food I will come to the chocolate department! I have to refer here to well-known Chocolatiers whose Truffles I like: the Artisan du Chocolat, as well as the Maison du Chocolat. If you too like pure black chocolate, you’ll find some perfect treats there! Another successful French Chocolatier is Pierre Herme, whose creativity in his chocolates (as well as in his Macarons) I praise.

In another field, Fashion, here is a brand I have a crush on for being so French, casual chic, and of finest quality: Comptoir des Cotonniers. This is also one of my favourite as it was founded in Toulouse where I lived and that’s my “madeleine of Proust”! The sons of the Comptoir des Cotonniers founders have also created a very fashionable brand: The Kooples whose collections are also of high interest… and quite British styled (Pete Doherty was their model and designed accessories some time ago). I love the Kooples‘ ability to dare and also to make a success of the brand very quickly in such a competitive market. In this fashion area, I also have to mention Sandro (in Marylebone too) whose dresses I love, and Agnes b. for all her black and white collections (especially pullovers and cardigans) I am very fond of.
Doyouspeaklondon Lifestyle London BlogAnother brand I will refer to is L’Occitane en Provence: the range of products “verbena” is divine… Please try the Verbena Foaming bath and you’ll soon recover from your exhausting days! Or use another famous product of L’Occitane: the Dry Skin Hand Cream with beurre de karite as a daily treatment against the cold winter. The smell is delicious, this is a non-greasy texture, and it is efficient! My favourite shop is very close to oxford street on Christopher’s place…
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Last but not least, for those fond of luxury books and quiet atmosphere in the middle of downtown: go to Assouline on Picadilly street. You’ll find a nice staff presenting you “the most sophisticated books in the world”, especially for design, fashion and travel lovers. Assouline also presents a “Cabinet de curiosites” with many outstanding items that are really worth seeing, and a bar in the middle of the library where you can enjoy a drink outside the tumult of London. This may be my most unpredictable discover I have made in the city so far…

It is said London is the sixth biggest city of France, which helped expatriating French brands to London. Now some French products (especially from luxury brands I did not mention here) have become must-have for Londoners … whether French or not.
The French Touch, my dear…unstoppable!

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  1. Bob33 says:

    Nice post. I actually went to Assouline myself a couple of months ago, and it was quite a good out of the crowd experience. I recommend it as well.

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