London’s mirror

I love wandering in London and looking for treasures within the eclectic and multi-sized buildings of the city. Especially the reflections on buildings, the mixed graphic lines, the glass walls are my predilections.
The City is the best place to go to capture graphic elements as well as the atmosphere of this part of town. In this picture many buildings create graphic lines. The colors are also wonderful, blue and black altogether…with the iconic red of the double-decker bus! Martin Parr says

“Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work”.

I am completely in line with that quote when trying to get photographic effects like these…
I think this picture is really representative of the London City architecture and which I am fond of. I made this picture because I was captivated by the sky reflecting on the building.

Another image presenting a building through another… I like the opposition between the solid perpendicular structures of the building in which appear the other one, quite undulating as if melted. I am very keen on pictures offering several levels of reading. This is really what I expect from my photographs in the City…

Let’s speak of another part of London: Covent Garden, which I find very hard to capture (mainly because of the usual crowd).
I made this photograph that really describes the lively place it is, as well as it gives an idea of the specific outdoor architecture of the Market building. If you look carefully at the large lanterns in reflection, you’ll see pineapples on their top, which refers to the old use of the building: in the 17th century the stalls of this market were selling fruits and vegetables. But an Act passed in 1966 provided for the removal of the fruit and vegetable market at Covent Garden to other premises in town…

And yes, you’ll make it out: red is my favorite color! Which means I am definitely a Londoner, as the red is everywhere in the city: this article lists every London iconic sights from buses to letter boxes with some historic facts, and yes, red is dominant in the capital! The Marriott knows it well as it has opened a “Red Bar” overlooking London’s Hyde Park, with a “sophisticated red décor and a list of creative cocktails”.

Don’t forget the St Valentine’s day … Red is also the color of love!

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